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Phototherapy is a non-invasive therapy whereby light of specific wavelengths is delivered to the skin to stimulate and activate cellular processes deep within the skin layers. This kind of therapy is completely safe and does not produce a thermal reaction in the skin which makes this a comfortable treatment for your customers.

Phototherapy technology was originally developed by NASA to aid wound healing in space. Aesthetically, this technology has been applied for 30 years producing excellent results on its own and now being used as a complementary therapy to other cosmetic procedures.

The Photonlite uses LED technology to produce a range of light wavelengths to aid in many treatment applications. Being the latest in LED technology, the Photonlite is able to provide not just monochromatic treatments (one colour), it has polychromatic programs using a variety of colours to attain additional benefits. There are 3000 powerful light emitting diodes (LEDs) on the Photonlite and this allows a greater surface area to be treated effectively.

Phototherapy may assist the appearance of the following conditions:

  • Reducing fine lines, wrinkles and crows feet
  • Reducing p.acne bacteria
  • Firm and tone the skin
  • Reduce photoaging and sun damage
  • Increase circulation
  • Improve collagen and elastin
  • Gentle skin rejuvenation
  • Reduces pore size
  • Reduces melanin production and age spots
  • May reduces inflammation, redness and erythema follwing other treatments


Phototherapy using the Photonlite is such an easy and affordable treatment for any salon or clinic. There are no consumables, there is no clean up or sterilisation required and the treatment frees you to attend to your salon. As a clinician, you don’t even need to be in the room! You simply select the best program for your customer’s skin and desired results and leave the rest to Photonlite!  Phototherapy can be used by almost anyone making this such a versatile and profitable treatment.

Having this technology really gives you the leading edge in the beauty industry. Phototherapy treatments are so gentle they can be combined with other treatments like microdermabrasion and IPL skin rejuvenation to increase the results and reduce any customer discomfort from these procedures. It truly is the perfect way to end an appointment with your salon or clinic.

Give your salon or clinic the competitive edge in treatment applications. Investing in the Photonlite will attract new customers to your business and you will certainly see some interest from your existing customers, particularly if you give them a treatment following their current procedure regime. Customers are constantly looking for the best results possible in the shortest time frame possible. This is where Photonlite becomes such an asset to your business. Complement your other procedures with Photonlite treatments to increase customer results in a shorter time, whilst still remaining non-invasive.

A phototherapy treatment is not considered a medical treatment as such, so you do not need specialist medical training to use this machine. In saying that, full training is provided in the use of Photonlite when you purchase, so you can get started with your treatments straight away. This makes the Photonlite so convenient and available to all salons and clinics.


To get the most benefits and results from a phototherapy treatment, it’s important to understand what the different colours (or wavelengths) can achieve and how they achieve this. The wavelengths used in Photonlite are all within the visible spectrum of light. At one end of the visible light spectrum you have violet light. At the other end of the visible spectrum you have red light. Outside of the visible spectrum is the invisible spectrum consisting at one end, Ultraviolet light (UVA, UVB) and at the other end, Infrared light. (There are more wavelengths in the invisible spectrum but these are outside the scope of phototherapy and thus not mentioned here.)

Basically, wavelengths penetrate the skin at different depths. Of the visible spectrum, Violet light has the lowest penetration rate, whilst Red light has the deepest penetration rate. It’s important to know that light wavelengths absorbed at different penetration depths may treat a range of conditions more effectively than just a single wavelength penetrating at a single depth.

So, what is each colour (or more correctly, wavelength) good for assisting? We’ve put a table together below so that you can see what colour is helpful for assisting what conditions and this will help you to understand how a polychromatic phototherapy treatment can be of greater benefit than just a monochromatic treatment.

VIOLET 400nm

- Antibacterial
- Improve the appearance of Acne
- Oily skin

BLUE 490nm

- Antibacterial
- Improve the appearance of Acne
- May help soothe sebaceous glands

GREEN 525nm

- Calming for red or inflamed skin
- Assist in fading pigmentation and age spots
- May lessen erythema following other treatments and procedures

RED 650nm

- Improve collagen and elastin
- Increase circulation
- May help reduce inflammation of sebaceous glands
- Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
- Skin rejuvenation

Since phototherapy is about stimulation of cellular activity, customers will see the effects from their treatments over a course of treatments and even after their course of treatments is completed, they will still feel and see the benefits continuing well after.

Phototherapy, much like microdermabrasion is not a harsh treatment, so there is no down time for your customer. Treatments can be completed at any time and the customer can return to their daily routines at the end of their treatments. Skin may become more sensitive to sunlight and this is mostly due to cellular stimulation and activation on a deeper level. Customers should be advised to wear sunscreen products following their treatments to avoid sunburn. The Clairderm Cosmeceutical Skin Care range has products developed specifically for post-treatments.

Before and after shots of phototherapy treatments:

SUBJECT A (FEMALE): Subject A presented with moderate acne. Subject received 3 phototherapy treatments, 1 every 2 weeks and 6 microdermabrasion treatments, 1 per week for 6 weeks. Results show a reduction in the amount of acne and severity of acne.

SUBJECT B (FEMALE): Subject B presented with diffused redness and erythema. Subject received 10 phototherapy treatments, 2 treatments per week for 5 weeks. Results show a reduction in redness and an improvement in overall skin tone and texture.

SUBJECT C (FEMALE): Subject C presented with mild inconsistent skin tone/colour. Subject received 8 phototherapy treatments, 2 a week for 4 weeks. Results show an improved appearance and consistency of skin colour and surrounding redness, and better overall skin texture.


The Sapphire Photonlite LED phototherapy system was put together by a European Engineer who worked amongst many other systems aware of their pro’s and con’s. From careful review of machines on the market he developed a phototherapy machine that would provide a greater treatable surface area and fixed polychromatic LED panels. Many systems on the market use a small or single panel of LED’s or require panels to be changed for each colour. The Photonlite was designed to provide the best treatment with minimal clinician intervention or customer discomfort, with maximum results. Key areas which make the Sapphire Photonlite a superior machine in its class:

  • Reliability of the equipment: Equipment is manufactured in Australia using quality materials. No external pieces, means the machine does not get damaged through wear and tear. All machines are quality control tested before shipping.
  • Ease of use: The Sapphire Photonlite machine is a very easy to use piece of equipment. We provide training in the use of our machines to ensure that you are comfortable and confident in running the machine.
  • New Technological Advancements: 4 Monochromatic and 9 Polychromatic programs allow for a greater range of treatments using the same LED panels. No changing of panels throughout the treatment.
  • Safety: Eye goggles are provided for customer comfort as the lights are very bright, however the lights will not cause any harm to the eyes. Treatments are non-invasive and safe to the skin.
  • Flexibility: Sapphire Photonlite machines have been designed to provide a range of treatments using the application of 4 colour wavelengths.
  • Complementary Skin Care Range: The perfect solution to complement any treatment is the Clairderm Cosmeceutical Skin Care range. These products can be used pre- and post-treatment, click to find out more about Clairderm Cosmeceutical Skin Care.

Be sure to view our Equipment Solutions page to find a Sapphire equipment solution to suit your business and to suit your budget.


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